Private Multi-Verse Perception
Interactive 'molecules' of 'audiovisual space and time'




1) artwork / improvisation, which uses Virtual Reality elements, algorithmically (real-time) generated audiovisual 3D scenes and gesture interaction

2) experimental tool-set (variable software and hardware set-up) for exploration of immersive multimedia aspects

The ‘visual title’ serves mainly to ‘hint’ to several rather abstract metaphysic notions. Translation between poles of quantified measurment and reference systems. Theme: invisible, but imaginary density of air – ‘empty’ (surrounding) space, constituted by metaphysical code.

It is an experiment with possible perceptional paradoxes through deliberate and ‘random’ crossing of sensory pathways.

has bee MFA diploma project at KHM Cologne by Jaanis Garancs. It was premiered at KHM, Cologne 2003 and shown at SAT, Montreal. It was nominated for netzspannung.org Digital-Sparks 2003 Award. The work is being further developed to extend its presentation forms.


Project by Jaanis Garancs © 2003 garancs.net