Private Multi-Verse Perception
Interactive 'molecules' of 'audiovisual space and time'


Uncovering the “hidden mechanisms” behind things and processes – making it “visible” probably has been one of my largest passions ever.

"... Perhaps the manic enthusiasm for information, for producing, packaging, transmitting, and consuming scattered fragments of a coded world, is partly motivated by an unconscious desire for a totalizing revelation, an incandescent apocalypse of knowledge".
(Erik Davis: "TECHGNOSIS", Chapter "Datapocalypse")

The impact of telecommunication, recording and computing technologies has almost replaced our natural (direct) sensual contact with the ‘outside’ world by mediated ‘ghosts’ of it. The accessible audiovisual space has now expanded from our ‘naturally audible and seeable’ surroundings to incomprehensible distances, scales and depths of physical and imaginary space. The utopia of ‘visionaries’ centuries ago is becoming an industrial trend today – to let the code organize (control) this ‘hidden reality’ in time and space to the degree that it is becoming almost a tangible ‘matter’.

Every day avareness of myself being wrapped in a of visible and invisible reality fabric, every nanonmilimeter of air is full of chemical reactions, 'cellular radiation', digital modelling and traces of past processes.

I wanted to make a work that would condense – in more radical form – some the basic formal principles common in my previous works – e.g. ‘self-explaining’ audiovisual ‘internal language’, mixture of abstract and concrete elements, spatial paradoxes. The intention was to explore the limits of audiovisual perception – creating synthetic synesthesic spatial awareness using advanced illusory techniques: stereoscopic image and spatial sound.

I was trying also to reflect to rather abstract notions as Endoperspective, Ultraperspective, Cross-Modal Association, Artificial Synaesthesia, and finally - Mirror World hypothesis.

Project by Jaanis Garancs © 2003 garancs.net